School of Biological Sciences

Charles R. Conner Museum

Public Exhibit

Most recent edits: May 24, 2016

The Conner Museum Public Exhibit is one of the most popular visitor sites on campus. The museum has nearly 700 mounted birds and mammals, most from the Pacific Northwest.

Hallway Displays

Several exhibits line the hallway at the south end of the museum. On one side of the hallway is a deer exhibit with mounts of all the deer species that occur in the region, including a moose.  The other side of the hallway has smaller exhibits featuring skeletons and high-elevation habitats. 

Moose behind deer display glass The moose is caged behind glass with the rest of the deer herd.

East Gallery

The East Gallery is the largest of the three Museum rooms.  Most of the East Gallery exhibits lining the walls are of birds, arranged more or less in taxonomic groups.  

The biggest display in the East Gallery is a Bighorn Sheep quartet in the middle of the room.  Other displays feature Mountain Goats, Pronghorn, and the science of Ancient DNA. 

West Gallery

Most of the exhibits in the West Gallery are mammals.  
Bison A mount of an adult bison lives in the corner of the West Gallery.
Cougar Cub A cougar cub with very big feet.
Hoary Marmot Marmots are very large ground squirrels.  Washington state has three marmot species: Hoary (pictured), Olympic, and Yellow-bellied Marmots.  The Olympic Marmot only occurs in Washington.  
Gray Wolf The large, dark wolf in the museum was mounted by George Hudson in the 1940s. 

North Gallery

The North Gallery features evolution and adaptation. It also includes our popular dinosaur exhibit.  

Owen Science Library

If you have time, visit the Owen Science Library, just south of Abelson Hall, to view a few more Museum displays.  There is a mounted Brown Bear on the first floor and several display cases of exhibits on the second floor. 
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