All life evolves

Understanding how evolution works is critical to comprehend the diversity of our living world and the ways that organisms, including humans and our disease agents, interact with their environment over time.

The lessons presented on this website provide parents and educators with an opportunity to introduce their students to important ideas in evolutionary biology.

The lessons are based in inquiry. Each lesson focuses on a question and asks students to:

  1. explore or experiment
  2. make observations and gather data
  3. reason rationally about the observations and data to answer the question.

The lessons are designed for age-specific school grades. Ideas presented in the lessons address grade-level content standards of Washington State.

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This project was funded by National Science Foundation to develop educational material for homeschooling families. We recognized a gap in available homeschooling curricula to address education in evolutionary biology, and the lessons presented here offer homeschooling families the opportunity to introduce their students to evolutionary ideas. By using common materials to investigate core ideas in evolutionary biology, each lesson can be readily used in homeschools and other learning environments. Educators at Washington State University and the University of Puget Sound have collaborated to produce these lessons on evolutionary biology.
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