Lessons in Evolutionary Biology


Website Overview

The lessons presented on this website provide parents and educators with an opportunity to introduce their students to important ideas in evolutionary biology.

The lessons are designed for age-specific school grades, including pre-school-kindergarten, grades 1-3, grades 4-5, grades 6-8, and grades 9-12. There are several lessons for each grade level.

While lessons at different grade levels build on a few basic concepts, lessons need not be done sequentially. Students and teachers might follow lessons across grade levels to track concepts or use lessons within a single grade band for a broad introduction to concepts. The lessons are adaptable and may be readily modified by educators for use at grade levels other than those specified in our plan.

The final lesson of each grade band explores the life of Charles Darwin to introduce his role in demonstrating the role of natural selection as a force in evolution. This use of Darwin’s life examines the context in which one individual played an important role in illuminating the processes that drive evolution.

Each lesson offers parent educators or teachers suggestions for assessing student understanding of the ideas investigated. Many lessons have extensions that offer students directions for further investigations. Additional resources that students and educators may wish explore are given in several lessons and a listing of various resources and printable pdfs of lessons can be found on the resource link to the left.

The navigation links to the left allow users to view summaries of the lessons arranged either by grade band or by evolutionary ideas. Both summaries offer an overview of lesson content and the thinking skills addressed. Alternatively, you can click on the navigation link for grade band for direct access to lessons.

Washington State content standards for K-12 grades are met by the lessons.

This evolution curriculum is a work in progress. We are very interested in your feedback to help us continue to improve the learning experiences and the website. Follow the feedback link on the left to provide comments on your experiences with the lessons and other materials we have provided.

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