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Educational Resources

  • From Rainforest to Grassland: Plants and Their Communities Across Washington
    Washington hosts a fantastic range of plants. This diversity reflects the geography and topography of the state, as well as its geological and biological history. To explore the dramatic diversity of plants in Washington, we look across the state to specific places that differ in topography and climate to find a range of plant communities.
  • Native Plants of the Palouse
    This program discusses one part of the natural environment of the Palouse: native plants. Native plants are those that occur naturally in a particular region rather than being introduced as a consequence of human activity.
  • Delicious Pieces: The Vegetables We Eat
    In this program, we will use grocery store vegetables to examine how seed plants are constructed. The study of body forms is called morphology, a term coined by the German poet Goethe. As we will see in this program, seed plants can have diverse body forms, and we want to use familiar grocery store plants to learn the basic elements of their morphology.
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