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Graduate Students

PictureNameProgramLab NameResearch Interests
Maureen AllisonPhD, BotanyRoalson Lab
Clayton BailesPhD, ZoologySchwartz Lab Studying host-pathogen interactions and mechanisms using bacteriophage.
Chase BeathardPhD, BotanyHellmann LabInvestigating R2R3 MYB transcription factors and BPM substrate adaptors to find their functional and developmental impacts in Arabidopsis thaliana and Brassica rapa.
Leland BennionMS, BiologySchultz Lab
Jordan BoersmaPhD, BiologySchwabl LabMind-bending science, of the zoological variety.
Sarah BoothmanMS, BiologyMcGuire Lab
Joshua BrindleyPhD, BotanyHufford LabPlant Taxonomy and biogeography.
Anthony BrownPhD, ZoologyKelley LabGenetic basis of adaptation to extreme environments, specifically in fish (Poecilia) adapted to environments with high hydrogen sulfide concentrations.
Benjamin BurrowsPhD, BotanyMcCubbin LabInvestigating heteromorphic self-incompatibility in Primula.
Samantha BussanMS, BiologySchultz Lab
Anthony CarnahanMS, BiologyRobbins Lab
Casey CarterCooper Lab
Christina ChoiPhD, BotanyHellmann LabExploring the functional impacts of CUL4-based E3 ligases on plant development and abiotic stress response.
Larry CollinsPhD, BiologyCavagnetto Lab
Kimberly CookPhD, ZoologyPiovia-Scott Lab
Kevin CornellMS, BiologyOwen Lab
Joseph CrawfordPhD, BotanyCousins LabC4 photosynthesis mechanism.
Derek DenneyPhD, BotanyHufford LabResearching the phylogenetics and biogeography of plants.
Christopher DukePhD, ZoologyCarter Lab
Marietta EasterlingPhD, ZoologyCrespi Lab
Rebecca EvansMS, BotanyEvans Lab
Jonathan FingerPhD, ZoologyDybdahl LabThe dynamics of phenotypic plasticity during range expansion and invasion.
Alexandra Fraik PhD, ZoologyStorfer LabInvestigating the genomic basis of adaptation in response to strong selective forces such as disease.
Demi GalindoCooper Lab
Matthew GarneauPhD, Molecular Plant SciencesTegeder Lab
Kimberly Hansen PhD, BiologyRoalson Lab
Carlie Harding PhD, Biology Cornejo Lab
Tamasen HaywardMS, ZoologyCoffin Lab
Paige HenningMS, BiologyMcCubbin Lab
Evan HilpmanPhD, BiologyBusch Lab
Marcus Hooker PhD, BotanyHufford LabPhylogenetics of Eremogone (Caryophyllaceae) with specific interest in the phylogeography and subspecies delimitation within the Eremogone congesta complex.
Alexander HowellPhD, BiologyKnoblauch Lab
Abigail HudakMS, BiologyDybdahl Lab
Enrique JimenezschwarzkopfPhD, ZoologyCornejo Lab
Stephanie KingPhD, BiologySkinner Lab
Joseph Kleinkopf MS, Plant BiologyRoalson Lab
Allison KolbePhD, BiologyCousins LabThe role of carbonic anhydrase for C4 photosynthesis in maize.
Nicole KraussPhD, ZoologySchwabl LabFocusing on the role of androgens in breeding females.
Kimberly LackeyPhD, ZoologyMcGuire LabHuman milk microbiome with a specific focus on Mycobacterium leprae and methods development in milk collection and preservation.
Matthew LambertPhD, ZoologyCooper Lab
Matthew LawrancePhD, BiologyStorfer Lab
Nathan LaymanPhD, BotanyBusch LabStudying evolution and diversification using the s-locus self compatibility complex in Brassicaceae.
Andrew LeforsPhD, BiologyKunz Lab
Mitchell LesageMS, BiologyBrunner Lab
Yan LiuPhD, Molecular Plant SciencesKnoblauch Lab
Zoie LopezPhD, Plant BiologyPorter Lab
Courtney MatzkeMS, BiologyMcCubbin Lab
Kelcey McBrideMS BiologyMcGuire Lab
Kerry McGowanPhD, BiologyKelley Lab
Andrew McIntyre
Niall Millar
James MoorePhD, ZoologyBishop LabStudying insect community on Mt. St. Helens.
Joel NelsonPhD, BiologyKelley/Cornejo Lab
Nicolette Nelson
Grayson OstermeyerMS, BiologyKnoblauch Lab
Marcelina ParraPhD, BiologyHellmann Lab
Austin PattonPhD, ZoologyStorfer Lab
Molly Perchlik PhD, BotanyTegeder LabDetermining the roles of amino acid transporters in nitrogen uptake and use efficiency of plants.
Mailea Miller-PiercePhD, ZoologyBishop LabThe impact of anthropogenic nitrogen deposition on ecological communities and ecosystem processes.
Anna PrattPhD, BiologyKunz Lab
Joshua PremoPhD, ZoologyCavagnetto LabThe application of evolutionary theory to educational research and practice in the area of classroom cooperation.
Carly Prior PhD, BotanyBusch Lab
Milica Radanovic PhD, BiologyEvans Lab
Robyn ReevePhD, BiologyCrespi Lab
Lauren RicciPhD, BiologyStorfer Lab
Wade RobertsPhD, Molecular Plant SciencesRoalson Lab
Catherine Robinson MS BiologyMcCubbin Lab
Raed Al-SaharinPhD, Molecular Plant SciencesHellmann Lab
James SantiagoPhD, Molecular Plant SciencesTegeder Lab
Michael Saxton PhD, ZoologyRobbins LabPhysiological adaptations to hibernation in brown bears (Ursus arctos), particularly focusing on the maintenance of muscle and bone density despite prolonged inactivity.
Nolan ScheiblePhD, BiologyMcCubbin Lab
Travis SeabornPhD, ZoologyCrespi Lab Interaction of natural and anthropogenic stressors and their consequences in regards to conservation, using an interdisciplinary framework of modeling, genetics, ecology, and physiology.
Erica Serrano
PhD, Molecular Plant SciencesCousins Lab
Thomas SextonPhD, BotanyCousins LabExamining photosynthetic differences. Aim is to characterize and develop ways to look at these differences through remote sensing technology.
Ciera SittonPhD, Plant BiologyTegeder Lab
Olivia SmithPhD, BiologySnyder Lab
Mark SmithsonPhD, ZoologyDybdahl LabStudying the evolution and mechanisms of phenotypic plasticity in the invasive new zealand mud snail.
Joseph SmokeySchultz Lab Working with the endangered Fender's Blue butterfly combining field work with spatially-explicit agent based models to help explore and answer restoration questions and influence landscape management decisions in the butterfly's heavily-degraded prairie habitat.
Rachel Snyder PhD, MPSTegeder Lab
Seth StahlPhD, BotanyHellmann Lab
Elvir TenicPhD, BiologyTegeder Lab
Samantha ThePhD, BiologyTegeder Lab
Cameron ThomasSchultz LabMetapopulation dynamics and ecological interactions of target species in the Pacific Northwest, specifically related to threatened and endangered butterflies.
Christina ThomasMS, BiologyBrunner Lab
Shawn Trojahn PhD, BiologyKelley Lab
Carsten Voelkner PhD, BiologyKunz Lab
Brittany WagerPhD, Molecular Plant SciencesKnoblauch Lab
Sarah Wanamaker PhD, BiologyCrespi LabThe interaction between hormones and behavior.
Stefanie Watson MS BiologyLee Lab
Anthony Wenke MS, BotanyBishop Lab Vegetation development and the role of plant functional traits in primary successional sites on Mount St. Helens.
Erin Wiese PhD, ZoologyCarter Lab
Christian YarberMS, BiologyBrunner Lab

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