School of Biological Sciences




Nii Ankrah, Clinical Assistant Professor, 509-335-5288, WSU Pullman

Dawn Banker, Clinical Associate Professor, 360-546-9478, WSU Vancouver

Kathy Beerman, Professor
Human Nutrition, 509-335-5011, WSU Pullman

Michael Berger, Clinical Assitant Professor
Broadly interested in the ecology, physiology, and larval biology of marine invertebrates, 360-546-9347, WSU Vancouver

John Bishop, Professor
Plant Evolution and Ecology, 360-546-9612, WSU Vancouver

Steve Bollens, Professor
Biological Sciences, 360-546-9116, WSU Vancouver

Jesse Brunner, Assistant Professor
Disease Ecology, 509-335-3702, WSU Pullman

Jeremiah Busch, Associate Professor
Plant Evolutionary Genetics, 509-335-0086, WSU Pullman

Lisa Carloye, Clinical Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Science Education, 509-335-3310, WSU Pullman

Patrick Carter, Professor & Associate Director, Undergraduate Program
Evolutionary Physiology, 509-335-1447, WSU Pullman

Andy R. Cavagnetto, Associate Professor
Science Education, 509-335-6391, WSU Pullman

W. James Cooper, Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Morphology, 509-372-7175, WSU Tri-Cities


Omar Cornejo, Assistant Professor
Population Genetics, Genomics, Evolutionary Biology of Infectious Diseases, 509-335-0179, WSU Pullman

Asaph Cousins, Associate Professor
Plant Metabolism and Physiology, 509-335-7218, WSU Pullman

Erica Crespi, Assistant Professor
Ecological Developmental Biology, 509-335-3833, WSU Pullman

David Crowder, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Entomology, 509-335-7965, WSU Pullman

Daryll DeWald, Professor and Dean, College of Sciences
Synthetic Biology, Plant and Mammalian Cell Signaling, 509-335-5548, WSU Pullman

Mark F. Dybdahl, Associate Professor
Animal Evolutionary Ecology, 509-335-7909, WSU Pullman

R. David Evans, Professor
Ecosystem Ecology, 509-335-7466, WSU Pullman

Allan Felsot, Affiliate Professor (Entomology)
Pesticide Risk and Toxicology, 509-373-7365, WSU Tri-Cities

Richard Gomulkiewicz, Professor
Evolutionary Theory, 509-335-2527, WSU Pullman

Hanjo A. Hellmann, Associate Professor
Plant Stress Physiology, 509-335-2762, WSU Pullman

Larry Hufford, Professor & Director
Plant Systematics and Evolution, 509-335-2183, WSU Pullman


Chulhee Kang, Affiliate Professor (Chemistry)
Enzyme Reaction Mechanism and Structural Biology of Bioremediation/Biofuel, 509-335-1409, WSU Pullman

Joanna Kelley, Assistant Professor
Evolutionary and Population Genomics, 509-335-0037, WSU Pullman

Michael Knoblauch, Professor/Director, FMIC
Plant Cell Biology, 509-335-3052, WSU Pullman

Hans-Henning Kunz, Assistant Professor
Plant Physiology, 509-335-7698, WSU Pullman

Raymond W. Lee, Associate Professor
Ecological Physiology, 509-335-5727, WSU Pullman

Jon M. Mallatt, Associate Professor
Molecular Phylogeny/Morphology, 509-335-6153, WSU Pullman

Kate McAteer, Clinical Assistant Professor
Structural Biology, 509-372-7371, WSU Tri-Cities

Andrew McCubbin, Associate Professor
Plant Reproductive Biology, 509-335-7916, WSU Pullman

Shelley McGuire, Professor
Lactation Physiology/Nutrition, 509-335-3896, WSU Pullman

Daniela Monk, Assistant Research Professor
Avian Ecology, 509-335-7544, WSU Pullman

Jeb Owen, Affiliate Associate Professor (Entomology)
Parasite/Host Interactions and Parasite Population Dynamics, 509-335-7873, WSU Pullman

Jonah Piovia-Scott, Assistant Professor
Community Ecology, Species Interactions and Conservation Biology,360-546-9788, WSU Vancouver

Stephanie Porter, Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Ecology,360-546-9788, WSU Vancouver

Christine Portfors, Professor
Neurophysiology, Bat biology,360-546-9254, WSU Vancouver

James R. (Dick) Pratt, Affiliate Professor (Environment)
Evironmental Biology, 509-372-7212, WSU Tri-Cities

Sian Ritchie, Clinical Assistant Professor, 509-335-3553, WSU Pullman

Eric H. Roalson, Professor
Plant Molecular Systematics, 509-335-7921, WSU Pullman

Charles T. Robbins, Professor
Grizzly Bear Research, 509-335-1119, WSU Pullman

Gretchen Rollwagen-Bollens, Clinical Professor
Biological Oceanography and Marine Ecology, 360-546-9115, WSU Vancouver

Cheryl Schultz, Associate Professor
Conservation Biology, 360-546-9525, WSU Vancouver

Hubert Schwabl, Professor
Behavioral Endocrinology, 509-335-7921, WSU Pullman

Elissa Schwartz, Associate Professor
Infectious Disease Dynamics, 509-335-5631, WSU Pullman

Michael Skinner, Professor
Reproduction/Environmental Epigenetics, 335-1524

William Snyder, Affiliate Professor (Entomology)
Community Ecology, Biodiversity, and Sustainability, 509-335-3724, WSU Pullman

Andrew Storfer, Professor & Associate Director, Graduate Program
Conservation Biology, 509-335-7922, WSU Pullman

Elly Sweet, Clinical Assistant Professor, 509-372-7525, WSU Tri-Cities

Mechthild Tegeder, Professor
Plant Molecular Physiology, 509-335-7545, WSU Pullman

Paul A. Verrell, Associate Professor
Animal Behavior, 509-335-4644, WSU Pullman

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Adjunct Faculty

Scott Baker, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Fungal Genomics and Proteomics, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Ruth Phillips, Adjunct Professor
Fish Genetics and Reproduction, 360-546-9505, WSU Vancouver

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Field of Study

Gerald Edwards


Richard Johnson


Kenneth Kardong

Evolution / Reptiles

Leonard Kirschner

Ion Transport

Maurice S. B. Ku

Plant Biotechnology

John H. Larsen, Jr.

Vertebrate Evolution

Richard N. Mack


Don E. Miller

Animal Behavior

David F. Moffett

Ion Transport

Stacia B. Moffett

Neurophysiology/Women's Biology

Charlotte Omoto

Gregarine Research

John L. (Skip) Paznokas

Science Education

Paul Schroeder

Polychaete Research

Gary H. Thorgaard

Fish Genetics Research

Ernest G. Uribe

Plant Biochemistry

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