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Richard Gomulkiewicz

Richard Gomulkiewicz

Field of Study: Evolutionary Theory
Title: Professor
Degrees: Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, University of California, Davis
Homepage: Gomulkiewicz Lab
Office: 391 Eastlick
Phone: 509-335-2527
Fax: 509-335-3184
Mailing Address: School of Biological Sciences
Washington State University
PO Box 644236
Pullman WA 99164-4236

Research Interests

My research is broadly concerned with understanding how genetics, developmental and physiological processes, and ecology interact to determine the evolutionary responses of organisms to their environments. My primary research interests involve three facets of this broad focus: (1) the demographic and evolutionary responses of species facing novel or altered environments, (2) the evolution of environmentally sensitive phenotypes, and (3) the coevolutionary dynamics of geographically structured interacting species. In addition, I have a strong interest in applied biology, especially in developing statistical tools based on molecular genetic data for assessing population characteristics of ecological and agricultural importance.

Representative Publications

Jones, E. I., and R. Gomulkiewicz. 2012. Biotic interactions, rapid evolution and the establishment of introduced species.  The American Naturalist 179:E28–E36

Barfield, M., R. D. Holt, and R. Gomulkiewicz.  2011. Evolution in stage-structured populations. The American Naturalist 177:397–409.

Nuismer, S.L., R. Gomulkiewicz, and B. J. Ridenhour. 2010. When is correlation coevolution? The American Naturalist 175:525–537.

Gomulkiewicz, R., R. D. Holt, M. Barfield, and S. L. Nuismer. 2010. Genetics, adaptation, and invasion in harsh environments.  Evolutionary Applications 3:97-108.

Gomulkiewicz, R., and D. Houle. 2009. Demographic and Genetic Constraints on Evolution. The American Naturalist 174:E218-E229

Griswold, C. K., R. Gomulkiewicz, and N. Heckman.  2008. Hypothesis testing in comparative and experimental studies of function-valued traits. Evolution 62:1229-1242

Griswold, C. K., B. Logsdon, and R. Gomulkiewicz. 2007.  Neutral Evolution of Multiple Quantitative Characters: A Genealogical Approach. Genetics 176:455-466