School of Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program:
Biology and Zoology Majors

Understanding the complexity of life has been one of humanity's greatest quests. The School of Biological Sciences (SBS) offers courses and research experiences to help students understand diverse aspects of life, ranging from molecular biology to ecology and evolution. The School of Biological Sciences offers undergraduate majors in biology and zoology. Both of these degrees will provide the following:

  • A strong foundation in biology.
  • The opportunity for each student to shape a program of study through the selection of electives.
  • Opportunities to conduct independent research with SBS faculty and experience practical internships.
  • Skills that are built through diverse experiences in the classroom, laboratory, and field.

The biology and zoology majors provide students with background and skills that are necessary for a wide variety of jobs, ranging from biotechnology industry to health care to resource management. Our majors provide students with the courses and knowledge to pursue professional studies in medical, veterinary, and physical therapy schools. Similarly, our majors provide students with the stepping stones essential for entry into graduate schools to obtain M.S. or Ph.D. degrees.

The biology major is built around core courses in biochemistry, cell biology, ecology, evolution, and genetics. We offer five options for biology majors that allow students to pick among different programs of interest.

  • The general option provides students with the greatest latitude to shape their own programs of study.
  • The botany, entomology, and ecology and evolution options of the biology major direct students select appropriate courses to develop a strong background in these disciplines.
  • The education option prepares students to enter a teaching career in secondary education in biology and related areas.


The zoology major aims to provide students with knowledge and experience in the biology of animals. The major is built around core courses in ecology, evolution, and genetics. Students are expected also to select from courses in anatomy, physiology, and invertebrate biology. Opportunities for elective courses allow students to specialize in different areas of zoology.

For students interested in health science professions, we offer degree options to provide coursework and experiences essential to enter professional schools. Our zoology major offers options for students interested in medical/dental school and veterinary school. For students interested in professions as a physical therapist, occupational therapist or physician's assistant, we offer an option of the biology major.

If you have questions about the biology or zoology majors, please feel free to contact us. You are welcome to come by the office of the School of Biological Sciences in 312 Abelson Hall on the Pullman campus or contact one of the following individuals by email:

Justine Rupp (, Undergraduate Coordinator for SBS
Tina Krauss (, Undergraduate Coordinator for SBS
Pat Carter (, Associate Professor and Associate Director for the Undergraduate Program in SBS
Larry Hufford (, Professor and Director of SBS


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The SBS main office is located in 312 Abelson Hall on the Pullman campus.