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Undergraduate Scholarships and Research Awards

SBS awarded 42 undergraduate scholarships in 2017-18. These students were selected from 250 very qualified and very deserving applicants across all three SBS campuses. The total amount awarded was $118,500 from the following funds:

  • Professor Tanya Cheeke, soil microbial ecologist, kneels in a forest beside a large, orange fungus growing in an old log.Betty K. Adams Endowed Health Sciences Scholarship
  • Student Research Endowment in Biology
  • Herbert L. Eastlick Scholarship
  • Hugh Duncan Fraser Endowment
  • Arnold and Julia Greenwell Memorial Scholarship
  • Bernice I. Jordan Memorial Scholarship in Pre-Medicine
  • John Allen Lewis Memorial Scholarship
  • Edward R. Meyer Endowed Scholarship in Pre-Medicine
  • Dr. Richard E. Morton Pre-Med Scholarship
  • Thomas A. and Inez W. (Schroeder) Peacock Endowed Scholarship
  • Elizabeth and Gerald Swan Endowment in Pre-Health
  • J. Herman & Jean Kaye Swartz Memorial Scholarship
  • Shauna R. and Charles M. Weatherby Endowed Scholarship
  • George Van Vleet Endowment
  • Claude H. Weitz Endowed Pre-Medical Scholarship
  • Student Research Endowment in Zoology