Looking to get some research experience this summer? The following SBS faculty members are looking for undergraduates to work in their labs. Email them directly to apply!

At WSU Pullman:

Dr. Wes Dowd (wes.dowd@wsu.edu)

           Project: Multiple stressors of tidepool copepods

Dr. Erica Crespi and Jesse Brunner (erica.crespi@wsu.edu or jesse.brunner@wsu.edu)

           Project: Stress and disease ecology in the wood frog – ranavirus system

Dr. Ben Harlow (bharlow@wsu.edu)

           Project: Gaining technical lab experience in the WSU Stable Isotope Core Facility

Dr. Mechthild Tegeder (tegeder@wsu.edu)

            Project: Molecular biology of plant nutrient dynamics

At WSU Vancouver:

Dr. Jonah Piovia-Scott (jonah.piovia-scott@wsu.edu)

            Project: Amphibian conservation in the Cascades and Sierras