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Mission and Values


The mission of the School of Biological Sciences is to advance and convey fundamental biological knowledge about how organisms function, interact, and evolve in a dynamic world—information that is critical to confront pressing problems facing our society.


SBS Promotes:

  • Discovery and excellence in biological research across levels of biological organization to address fundamental questions as well as local and global challenges.
  • A diverse and inclusive community.
  • Discovery and training by engaging undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars in advanced research and scholarship.
  • A stimulating and collaborative environment for foundational and multidisciplinary research that encourages intellectual, personal, and professional growth.
  • Education of students to be well-informed citizens by facilitating critical thinking, reasoning, and scientific literacy, and student and trainee preparation for professional careers.
  • Outreach, leadership, and professional service to foster scientific understanding and inform public policy.


  • Build a School that reflects and harnesses diversity across the state, nation, and globe.
  • Build core research areas, connect core areas, and promote collaboration and integration across the WSU system.
  • Build an internationally competitive graduate student and postdoctoral associate research and training program.
  • Promote excellence in undergraduate biological education and training.

Strategies to achieve our goals:

  • Secure capital investment for state-of-the-art research and teaching infrastructure.
  • Procure adequate start-up funds and laboratories for new faculty.
  • Invest in research infrastructure, including core facilities and internal seed funding.
  • Provide competitive compensation to recruit and retain the highest caliber faculty.
  • Hire to (i) maintain and enhance research strengths, including in emerging areas of biology, (ii) enhance diversity in SBS, and (iii) maintain balance across career stages.
  • Provide competitive financial support, career mentorship, and cutting-edge research opportunities for our graduate students and postdoctoral research associates.
  • Develop infrastructure and programs aimed at recruiting, retaining, and graduating a diverse and inclusive undergraduate and graduate student body.
  • Enhance WSU system-wide coordination of SBS teaching, seminars, research and resources.
  • Build on existing strengths in peer mentoring of faculty to enhance career-long development in research, teaching, and administration.
  • Promote SBS outreach and achievements at local, regional, national, and international levels.
  • Enhance undergraduate education using innovative approaches in the classroom and training in world-class research laboratories.


SBS embraces the core values of integrity, curiosity, collegiality, inclusivity, accessibility, and scientific creativity.