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Graduate Student Support and Funding

SBS graduate students are funded by teaching or research assistantships. M.S. students are eligible for two years of assistantship support; Ph.D. students entering with an M.S. degree, four years of support; and Ph.D. students entering without an M.S. degree, six years of support. Assistantships are 50% time appointments for nine months, and all students on assistantships are also granted a full tuition waiver and health benefits. Summer salary support is often available through teaching assistantships, departmental jobs, or grant support from individual faculty members.

Scientific equipment

WSU campus on a winter day

SBS Endowments & Awards

Through generous endowments and other contributions several fellowships, awards, and traineeships have been established to support graduate training and research.

Awards open to plant biology students include the Biddulph Summer Research Award, Noe Higinbotham Award, the Hardman Native Plant Award, and the Rexford Daubenmire Award, which are used to support research.

Biology students are eligible for the Guy Brislawn Award and the James R. King Fellowship, both of which provide additional stipend and/or research support, as well as the Charles W. and William C. McNeil Award, which provides research support. The Carl H. Elling Endowment provides substantial funding for professional travel and research and training experiences off-campus.