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Andy Cavagnetto

Andy Cavagnetto

Field of Study: Science Education
Title: Associate Professor
Degrees: PhD Science Education University of Iowa
Homepage: Cavagnetto Lab
Office: Eastlick 297, Cleveland 335
Phone: 335-6391
Mailing Address: School of Biological Sciences
Washington State University
PO Box 644236
Pullman WA 99164-4236

Research Interests

I study immersive science learning environments –learning environments that emphasize the development of students’ grasp of disciplinary practices while simultaneously constituting an understanding of disciplinary big ideas. In particular, I am interested in construction and critique of argument as students pose questions, gather data, and negotiate evidence-based claims. I study how teachers/schools create these environments and how students engage in them. Over the past couple years this had led me to focus on environmental factors influencing whole class cooperation (what we also refer to as prosocial environments) and how such environments influence cognitive resources (e.g., science and rhetorical funds of knowledge, socio-emotional resources, cognitive attributes) and engagement in argumentation.

Representative Publications

Premo, J., Cavagnetto, A. R., Lamb, R. (In press). The cooperative classroom environment measure (CCEM): Integrating environmental perceptions into student prosocial assessment. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

Cavagnetto, A. R., & Kurtz, K. J. (2016). Promoting Students’ Attention to Argumentative Reasoning Patterns. Science Education, 100(4), 625-644.

Hand, B., Cavagnetto, A., Chen, Y. C., & Park, S. (2016). Moving Past Curricula and Strategies: Language and the Development of Adaptive Pedagogy for Immersive Learning Environments. Research in Science Education, 46(2), 223-241.

Adesope, O. O., Cavagnetto, A., Hunsu, N. J., Anguiano, C., & Lloyd, J. (2016). Comparative Effects of Computer-Based Concept Maps, Refutational Texts, and Expository Texts on Science Learning. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 0735633116654163.

Lamb, R., Cavagnetto, A., & Akmal, T. (2016). Examination of the nonlinear dynamic systems associated with science student cognition while engaging in science information processing. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 14(1), 187-205.

Washburn, E. & Cavagnetto, A. R. (2013). Using argument as a tool for integrating science and literacy. The Reading Teacher, 67(2), 127-136.

Cavagnetto, A. R. (2010). Argument to foster scientific literacy: A review of argument interventions in K-12 contexts. Review of Educational Research, 80, 336-371.