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Jenny Zambrano

Jenny Zambrano

Field of Study: Plant Community Ecology
Title: Assistant Professor
Degrees: Ph.D., Plant Ecology, University of Illinois at Chicago
Homepage: Homepage/Lab Web Site Link
Google Scholar:  Google Scholar
Office: 277 Eastlick
Lab: 274 Eastlick
Phone: 509-335-1138
Fax: 509-335-3184
Mailing Address: School of Biological Sciences
Washington State University
PO Box 644236
Pullman,WA 99164-4236


My work seeks to understand the mechanisms that underlie population and community structure and dynamics of forests. For this, I use a combination of approaches to explore how processes, occurring at different spatial-temporal scales, interact with each other and the environment to determine the function and stability of forest ecosystems.

Representative Publications:

  • Zambrano, J, W. F. Fagan, S. J. Worthy, J. Thompson, M. Uriarte, J. K. Zimmerman, M. Umana and N. G. Swenson. 2019. Tree crown overlap improves predictions of the functional neighborhood effects on tree survival and growth. Journal of Ecology. 107: 887– 900.
  • Zambrano, J., Y. Iida, R. Howe, L. Lin, M.N. Umana, A. Wolf, S.J. Worthy, and N.G. Swenson. 2017.. Neighborhood defense gene similarity effects on tree performance: a community transcriptomic approach. Journal of Ecology, 105: 616-626. Winner of the Harper Prize 2017
  • Zambrano, J., P. Marchand, and N.G. Swenson. 2017. Local neighborhood and regional climatic contexts explain tree interact to explain tree performance. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Volume 284, issue 1855
  • Zambrano, J. H. F. Howe, and M. Gonzalez-Meler. 2017. Combined effects of seed and soil quality drive seedling performance of Poulsenia armata in a human-modified landscape. Biotropica. 49:811-820
  • Zambrano, J., R. Coates, and H. F. Howe. 2015. Seed predation in a human-modified landscape. Journal of Tropical Biology, 31: 379-383
  • Zambrano, J., and R. Salguero-Gomez. 2014. Forest fragmentation disrupts the population dynamics of a late-successional tree. Biotropica, 46: 556-564
  • Zambrano, J., R. Coates, and H. F. Howe. 2014. Effects of forest fragmentation on the recruitment success of the tropical tree species Poulsenia armata at Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico. Journal of Tropical Biology, 30: 209-218