Two undergraduate presenters (3 total) from SBS labs won SURCA poster awards this week in the Organismal, Population, Ecological, and Evolutionary Biology Category (see below). These were collaborative projects between the Crespi and Brunner labs, and the Crespi and Gartstein (Psychology) labs, with graduate student collaborators.

Calis Emery – Crimson Award

“Warmer Temperatures Prolong Survival in Cold Adapted Amphibians After Viral Infection”

Co-authors: Erin Keller, Robert Pearhill, Izaak Dinh (’22), Jesse Brunner, Erica Crespi

Pooja Reddy – Gray Award

“Third Trimester Maternal Hair Cortisol Concentration as a Possible Measure of Birth and Health Outcomes”

Co-authors: Jennifer Mattera, Maria Gartstein, Jennifer A. Madigan, Erica Crespi