By: Hailey Meyer

Emily Austin, WSU Zoology Sophomore

Students who are dedicated to a profession in veterinary medicine can gain early admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine DVM professional program and become a veterinarian in just seven years.

The College of Veterinary Medicine and the Honors College have partnered up to provide an abundance of exceptional opportunities for students over the years. This includes an accelerated seven-year veterinary program through the Honors College.

Emily Austin, a WSU sophomore and zoology major, who was admitted to the veterinary program, says that the seven-year Honors Veterinary Medicine program was one of the main factors that drew her to WSU.

“It was exciting to think that I could start vet school a year early because I felt I would be ready before four years of undergrad,” Austin says, “and even if I had not gotten in, the experience of going through the application process early in my undergrad career was a great opportunity,” she explained.

Students who are interested in this program must apply to WSU and the Honors College as a high school senior. Once admitted, students can choose from undergraduate majors including; Animal Sciences, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Wildlife Ecology, or Zoology.

Claire Stein, WSU Zoology Sophomore

Every summer, the Honors College students who have completed their first year are invited to apply for early admission to the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine DVM professional program.

Claire Stein, who is also a WSU zoology major admitted to the program, says that the WSU School of Biological Sciences excelled in preparing students for veterinary school.

“The faculty in the School of Biological Sciences really care about individual students and their success,” Stein says. “It is really nice to be able to have so many faculty members on your side, rooting for you. It’s been a great experience and the professors have all been incredible,” she explained.

Austin tells students who are interested in becoming a veterinarian and want to be admitted into this program to, “go outside of your comfort zone to get involved in the veterinary world, it’s so critical to get experience and exposure as early as possible.” She also says, “be involved in something other than school and vet med, stay focused on your career goals but also find things you’re passionate about.”

For students who want more information about the application process, visit the WSU Honors Veterinary Medicine program website.