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Nature Communication publication by SBS faculty Drs. Joanna Kelly, Omar Cornejo and Charlie Robbins with SBS grad students Michael Saxton and Shawn Trojahn featured in the New York Times. 

Hibernation Works for Bears. Could It Work for Us, Too? 

Read the New York Times article on recent publications from SBS faculty Drs. Joanna Kelly, Omar Cornejo and Charlie Robbins with SBS grad students Michael Saxton and Shawn Trojahn.  The manuscript in Nature Communication Biology title “Hibernation induces widespread transcriptional remodeling in metabolic tissues of the grizzly bear” can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Joanna Kelley

SBS graduate students awarded endowment scholarships

Congratulations to the following SBS graduate students for being awarded endowment scholarships based on research, teaching, service, notable achievement, or strategic support for Spring 2019:

Austin Patton
Carsten Voelkner
Chris Duke
Clay Bailes
Erin Wiese
Kimberly Cook
Larry Collins
Marci Parra
Mark Smithson
Milica Radanovic
Nolan Scheible
Olivia Smith
Robyn Reeve
Samantha Bussan
Tom Sexton
Zoie Lopez

In addition, Johnna Eilers and Adam Becker were awarded grants from the Smoot Hill Graduate Research Fund in support of research projects at the Hudson Biological Reserve at Smoot Hill.

Congratulations to SURCA award winners mentored by SBS faculty!

Crimson awards
Katelyn Sedig, mentor Dr. Stephanie Porter, on “Diversity in Microbial Mutualists Benefit Plant Growth”
Elise Bugge, mentor Dr. R. Dave Evans, on “Decreasing N2 Fixation in Lobaria oregano is Likely Caused by Anthropogenic Emissions”

Gray awards
Paige Gear, mentor Dr. Kathy Beerman, on “Tamarind – A Regional Food Source in Rural Guatemala Facilitates Iron Fortification of Food Prepared With Lucky Iron Fish”
Megan Brauner, mentor Dr. Tanya Cheeke, on “Development of a New Method to Quantify Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi from Environmental Samples”
Ashley Kophs, mentors Dr. Asaph Cousins and Dr. Robert DiMario, on “Understanding the Kinetic Properties of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase: A Key Enzyme of C4 Photosynthesis”
Madison Armstrong, mentor Dr. Mark Dybdahl, on “The Evolution of Plastic Expression as an Explanation of Invasion Success”
Brooklin Devine, mentor Dr. Kathy Beerman, on “Prevalence of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Rural, Underserved Communities in Guatemala”