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Joanna Kelley

Name: Joanna Kelley
Field of Study: Evolutionary and Population Genomics
Title: Assistant Professor
Degrees: PhD, University of Washington
Homepage: Click
Office: Heald 431A
Phone: 509 335-0037

Research Interests

We are interested in how populations diverge and adapt to the environments they encounter. To identify and characterize specific genes and pathways that underlie adaptive change, combine statistical and genomic approaches with knowledge from organismal and ecological studies. Our work utilizes a range of technological and analytical methods and involves collaborations with researchers who climb Mexican volcanoes and explore Caribbean Islands for exotic species who are specially adapted to their extreme environments. By correlating genetic changes to phenotypic outcomes using population genomics, we hope to link genomic changes to sources of selection. 

Representative Publications

Kelley, J.L., Peyton, J.T., Fiston-Lavier, A.-S., Teets N.M., Yee M.C., Bustamante, C.D., Lee, R.E. and D.L. Denlinger. (2014) Insights into evolution of the small genome of the Antarctic midge. Nature Communications. 5:4611. doi:10.1038/ncomms5611

Tobler, M., Henpitaa, C.R., Bassett, B., Kelley, J.L., Shaw, J.H. (2014) H2S exposure elicits differential expression of candidate genes in fish adapted to sulfidic and non-sulfidic environments. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A 175:7-14. doi: 10.1016/j.cbpa.2014.04.012.

Prado-Martinez, J.*, Sudmant, P.H.*, Kidd, J.M., Li, H., Kelley, J.L., Lorente-Galdos, B., Veeramah, K., Woerner, A., O'Connor, T.D., Santpere, G., Cagan, A., Theunert, C., Casals, F., Laayouni, H., Munch, K., Hobolth, A., Halager, A.E., Malig, M., Hernandez-Rodriguez, J., Hernando-Herraez, I., Prüfer, K., Pybus, M., Johnstone, L., Lachmann, M., Alkan, C., Twigg, D., Petit, N., Baker, C., Hormozdiari, F., Fernandez-Callejo, M., Dabad, M., Wilson, M.L., Stevison, L., Camprubí, C., Carvalho, T., Ruiz-Herrera, A., Vives, L., Mele, M., Abello, T., Kondova, I., Bontrop, R.E., Pusey, A., Lankester, F., Kiyang, J.A., Bergl, R.A., Lonsdorf, E., Myers, S., Ventura, M., Gagneux, P., Comas, D., Siegismund, H., Blanc, J., Agueda-Calpena, L., Gut, M., Fulton, L., Tishkoff, S.A., Mullikin, J.C., Wilson, R.K., Gut, I.G., Gonder, M.K., Ryder, O.A., Hahn, B.H., Navarro, A., Akey, J.M., Bertranpetit, J., Reich, D., Mailund, T., Schierup M.H., Hvilsom, C., Andrés, A.M., Wall, J., Bustamante, C.D., Hammer, M., Eichler, E.E.+, Marques-Bonet, T.+ (2013) Great ape genetic diversity and population history. Nature 499:471-5. doi:10.1038/nature12228. *,+ contributed equally

Kelley, J.L., Passow, C., Plath, M., Rodrigues, L.A., Yee, M.C., and M. Tobler. (2012) Genomic resources for a model in adaptation and speciation research: characterization of the Poecilia mexicana transcriptome. BMC Genomics. 13:652
Teets, N.M, Peyton, J.T., Colinet, H., Renault, D., Kelley, J.L., Kawarasaki , Y., Lee Jr., R.E., Denlinger, D.L. (2012) Gene expression changes governing extreme dehydration tolerance in an Antarctic insect. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 109: 20744-20749
Kelley, J.L. (2012) Biased estimates of dating selection pressures in recent human evolution. Frontiers in Evolutionary and Population Genetics. 3:165
Kelley, J.L., Yee, M.C., Lee, C., Levandowsky, E., Shah, M., Harkins, T., Earley, R.L., and C.D. Bustamante. (2012) The possibility of de novo assembly of a genome and population genomics of the mangrove rivulus Kryptolebias marmoratus. Integrative and Comparative Biology. 52:737-42
Hernandez, R.D., Kelley, J.L., Elyashiv, E., Melton, S.C., Auton, A., McVean, G., Sella, G., Przeworski, M., and 1000 Genomes Project Consortium. (2011) Classic selective sweeps were rare in recent human evolution. Science 331: 920-24.
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Kelley, J.L., Aagaard, J., MacCoss, M. and W. Swanson. (2010) Functional diversification and evolution of antifreeze proteins in the Antarctic fish Lycodichthys dearborni. Journal of Molecular Evolution 71:111-118.

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